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The 3-Email Magic for Local Entrepreneurs: From Hello to Loyal Customer

Updated: Sep 23, 2023

First impressions matter, especially in the digital world. When someone subscribes to your email list, it's the beginning of what could be a long and mutually beneficial relationship. To foster this connection, you need to make your subscriber feel welcomed, informed, and valued from the get-go. This is where the Indoctrination Series comes into play.

The Indoctrination Series is a sequence of emails designed to introduce new subscribers to your brand, set the tone for future communications, and engage them right from the start. It's a golden opportunity to show them who you are, what you stand for, and how they stand to benefit from being a part of your community.

Designed with the small business owner in mind, these templates guide you step-by-step, ensuring you make a lasting impression. From personal introductions and showcasing your best content to making exclusive offers, this series is crafted to resonate with your subscribers and pave the way for a successful email marketing relationship.

Follow these templates to set your new subscribers on the right path, making them feel like a cherished part of your business family. Let's dive in!

Introduction and Purpose of Message #1 in the Indoctrination Series for Small Business Owners

When a potential customer or client takes the initiative to sign up for your email list, it signifies the beginning of their journey with your brand. It's a pivotal moment, akin to opening the door to your business for the first time. This initial step is vital; hence, the purpose of Message #1 in the Indoctrination Series is to create a welcoming atmosphere.

Purpose of Message #1:

  1. Warm Welcome: The primary goal is to extend a warm and personable greeting, letting subscribers know they've made a valuable decision by joining your community.

  2. Introduction: Introduce yourself and your brand. This is your opportunity to share your business's story, values, and mission, giving a face and voice to your brand.

  3. Setting Expectations: Clearly outline what subscribers can expect from being on your list. This includes the type of content, frequency of communication, and any special perks or bonuses.

  4. Engagement: Encourage immediate interaction, whether it's through sharing a valuable resource, directing them to your social media platforms, or prompting them to whitelist your email address. This fosters commitment and ensures they receive your content.

  5. Open Loops: Instill a sense of anticipation by hinting at what's to come in the following messages or by sharing a curiosity-piquing teaser.

In essence, Message #1 is about creating a strong foundation. It's the handshake, the introduction, and the promise of value. It sets the tone for the relationship, ensuring subscribers feel acknowledged, informed, and eager for what's to come.


Message #1 Template – Send Immediately (TO NEW SUBSCRIBERS ONLY)

First impressions are everything in small businesses like ours!

This welcome mail is our chance to connect, introduce our brand, and assure you that subscribing was a fantastic choice. It's about understanding your needs and aligning them with our offerings.

Subject: Welcome to [COMPANY NAME] - Your local guide to [TOPIC/RESULT]!

Subj (alt): Excited to have you with us, [NAME]!

Subj (alt): Welcome aboard, let's get started!


Hello [NAME],

Greetings from [YOUR TOWN/CITY]! I’m [YOUR NAME], the proud owner and heart behind [COMPANY NAME].

Firstly, a huge thanks for choosing us and supporting local businesses. Your journey to [DESIRED RESULT e.g. “finding the best local handmade crafts”] begins right here!

We’re not just about business; we’re about community, trust, and local expertise. Here’s what you can expect:

Weekly insights on [TOPIC].

Special offers for our local subscribers.

Genuine recommendations for other local gems.

Sound like a plan?

Before we dive deep:

Discover Our Story: Know who you’re trusting. Dive into our journey and passion.


Stay Updated: Follow our social channels for daily tidbits, announcements, and a sneak peek into our local operations.

Facebook: [LINK]

Instagram: [LINK]

And more...

Never Miss Out: Ensure our mails land right in your inbox.


See you around the neighborhood!





P.S. Keep an eye out tomorrow. We’ve handpicked some of our finest [blogs/videos/articles] just for you!


Introduction and Purpose of Message #2 in the Indoctrination Series for Small Business Owners

After laying down the foundation with the warm welcome in Message #1, it's time to dive deeper with Message #2. While the first message is akin to an introduction at the door, the second is the inviting gesture to come in, take a seat, and engage in a more in-depth conversation. This is where you start showing the heart and soul of your business and highlighting your key offerings.

Purpose of Message #2:

  1. Deliver Value: It's essential to keep the commitment made in the first message by sharing some of your best content. This showcases the value of your brand and gives subscribers a taste of what they can regularly expect.

  2. Establish Trust and Authenticity: Through personal stories, pictures, or anecdotes, this message aims to humanize your brand, allowing subscribers to connect with you on a personal level. Sharing behind-the-scenes moments or the origins of your business can foster a deeper connection.

  3. Highlight Expertise: By sharing top-performing or foundational content, you're not only providing value but also demonstrating your expertise and the quality of information or products they can expect from your brand.

  4. Drive Engagement: Encourage subscribers to interact with the content, whether it's through reading an article, watching a video, or engaging with a tool or resource you provide. Active engagement now increases the likelihood of future interactions.

  5. Tease Upcoming Content: Just like in the first message, it's beneficial to keep the anticipation high by hinting at what's to come in the next email. This ensures subscribers remain eager and attentive.

In a nutshell, Message #2 in the Indoctrination Series builds upon the first impression, deepening the relationship, and establishing trust. By the end of this message, subscribers should feel a strong connection to your brand, recognizing the value you bring and anticipating more.


Message #2 – Send one day after welcome email

Subject: Dive into the best of [COMPANY NAME]!

Subj (alt.): Unveiling our local favorites.

Subj (alt.): Showcasing the best from our backyard.


Hey [NAME],

Remember my promise? It’s gift time!

But first, let's get personal.

[INSERT PERSONAL PIC OR VIDEO – perhaps at a local event, or at your shop.]

That's me at [LOCATION/DESCRIPTION]. This is where the magic of [COMPANY NAME] comes alive, right in our community!

Now, as promised, here's some top-notch content that resonates with our local ethos:


Plus, a bonus because we believe in the extra mile:


Stay tuned for more local surprises tomorrow!



P.S. Up next is our crowd-favorite, so make sure you check tomorrow's mail!


Introduction and Purpose of Message #3 in the Indoctrination Series for Small Business Owners

Message #3 in our Indoctrination Series is like the crescendo of a musical piece. After building momentum and establishing a bond in the previous messages, it's now time to offer a climax, reinforcing your brand's value and ensuring subscribers are geared up for a longer relationship with your business. This is where you confirm that their decision to join your list is going to be beneficial for them in the long run.

Purpose of Message #3:

  1. Recap and Reinforcement: Begin by recapping the content or resources you've shared previously. It's a subtle way of showcasing the consistent value you provide and sets the stage for the next piece of valuable content.

  2. Deliver the Pinnacle of Value: Share what you consider one of your top pieces of content or resources. This "cherry on top" not only provides immense value but also cements the subscriber's belief in your expertise and the worth of staying subscribed.

  3. Drive Consistent Engagement: Encourage interaction with your content, be it articles, videos, or other resources. Building a habit of engagement early on makes it more likely that subscribers will continue to interact with your emails in the future.

  4. Introduce a Relevant Offer or Promotion: Now that the subscriber is more familiar with your brand and values, it's an opportune time to introduce them to a product, service, or special promotion. Position it as the logical next step for them in their journey with your brand.

  5. Reiterate the Brand's Mission or Promise: Circle back to your business's core ethos, mission, or promise. It’s a way of saying, "This is what we stand for, and we’re committed to delivering on this promise consistently."

  6. Tease Future Interactions: As always, keep the excitement alive by hinting at what's next, ensuring that the subscriber remains interested in your upcoming communications.

In essence, Message #3 is about solidifying trust, showcasing the pinnacle of your brand's value, and gently transitioning the subscriber from a passive receiver of information to an active participant in your brand's journey. It's the bridge between the welcoming phase and the continuous relationship that follows.


Message #3 – Send two days after welcome email

Subject: Our Local Hitlist Revealed!

Subj (alt.): The best of our community, just for you.

Subj(alt.): Showcasing our pride and joy.



By now, you've seen some of our cherished content:



Today, I present our pièce de résistance:


It's our local treasure and I’m sure you’ll resonate with it.

Dive in!



P.S. Loved the journey so far? Here's a special offer just for our local subscribers like you:


Discover how it complements the treasures you’ve explored over the last couple of days.


Conclusion: Cultivating Trust and Loyalty in the Digital Age

In today's fast-paced digital landscape, where consumers are bombarded with endless content, offers, and brand promises, it's more crucial than ever for small local businesses to foster a genuine connection with their audience. The Indoctrination Series serves as that foundational handshake, a bridge that transforms a mere subscriber into an engaged member of your business community.

For local businesses, where every customer can make a tangible difference and word-of-mouth remains a powerful tool, this series is not just a set of emails—it's a thoughtful strategy to convey authenticity, share your story, and establish trust. It's an opportunity to set the stage, ensuring that your brand voice resonates amid the cacophony of bigger brands and widespread advertising.

As you implement this series, always remember: your subscribers have invited you into their inbox—a personal space in the digital world. Make the most of this opportunity. Show them who you truly are, what you stand for, and how your local business brings unique value to their lives. And as you consistently deliver on these promises, you'll find that your emails become more than just messages; they become anticipated communications, eagerly opened and read.

In essence, the Indoctrination Series is your chance to not only introduce your small local business but to lay the groundwork for a long-lasting and fruitful relationship. Here's to making those crucial first impressions count!

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